Day Five: For The Families

05/11/2013 12:00 pm

Those who are hurting, lift your heads, stand in the light and find healing. It is hard to be the parent, friend or partner of someone convicted of serious wrongdoing, caught up in darkness and pain that are not of your making, to be held responsible for the actions of others, whose misdeeds over which you have no control. How might we have failed them? How can we help them to grow and to make amends? It is hard too, to walk alongside loved ones who have been the victims of others, those who are in desperate need of healing and wholeness. Confronted in so many different ways by the pain of evil and the desire for light and healing, we need God’s grace and strength to make the first move, to lift our heads and see the light, the hope for the future.

O God, your hands are strong to save us and swift to bless. Bring wholeness and healing to the families of all victims or perpetrators of crime. Give to them the gifts of grace and strength that they might stand in your light and grow towards a better future; support their loved ones and show the fruits of repentance in changed lives, lived for your glory and the good of others. Lord, in your name we pray.