Youth Resources

Here you will find a series of resources to be used for National Youth Sunday. They include Prayer Sessions, Reflection activities, Games and Quizes.


Spot the Saint

spot-the-saint.doc 4.68 MB

This is a simple quiz using stories about Saints.



unpacking-readings.doc 3.51 MB

A resource to explain the Readings used for National Youth Sunday.


Icebreaker Games

icebreaker-games.doc 2.90 MB

A couple of games to help young people prepare to reflect on the scriptures.


Prayer Stations

prayer-stations.pdf 654.43 kB

Prayer Station resource aimed to make us reflect on the Image of Christ and also his Sacrifice.



Crowns.doc 5.63 MB

Cut out crowns for use at the Sacrifice and Image of Christ Prayer Stations.



Crosses.doc 2.87 MB

Cut out crosses for use at the Sacrifice and Image of Christ Prayer Stations.


Journey to Paradise

journey-to-paradise.doc 3.12 MB

A session to allow the young people to reflect on their own lives and journeys. It will enable them to look ahead to their future and how they can place God at the centre of their lives.


Resource Sheet

resource-sheet.doc 3.77 MB

A guide for young people to follow while they participate in the Journey to Paradise session.


Stepping Stones

stepping-stones.doc 2.89 MB

Template for stepping stones to be used in the icebreaker in the Journey to Paradise Session


Persecution News

persecution-news-session.doc 2.87 MB

A series of contemporary Christian persecution cases for young people to investigate and inform them as how to help those who are persecuted for their faith through praying for them.


Reconciliation Service

reconciliation-service.doc 3.02 MB

A resource to help shape a reconcilitation service for this National Youth Sunday


Character Biographies

biblical-character.pdf 1,011.76 kB

In this document you will see a couple of fact sheets to help young people get a flavour of the people spoken of in the readings for this weekend.


Stories and Reflections

stories-and-reflections.doc 2.99 MB

Three reflections to help explore the nature of Jesus Christ the King of the Universe, as detailed in the Second Reading.


Multimedia Resources

multimedia-resources.doc 2.84 MB

These multimedia resources are for use in prayer time and in sessions. They have been chosen to illuminate the theme of Christ the King.


Prayers and Lectio

prayers-and-lectio.doc 3.19 MB

A resource explaining the Prayers and the Lectio used on National Youth Sunday.


Examination of Conscience

examination-of-conscience.ppt 3.10 MB

A powerpoint presentation aimed at getting you to examine your own conscince