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26/09/2013 12:00 pm

At the welcoming ceremony of World Youth Day 2013 Pope Francis told the young people that Christ was asking them if they wanted to be His disciple, His friend and a witness to His Gospel. This powerpoint introduces St Josephine Bakhita as an outstanding witness to the Gospel through her discipleship of Christ her friend. This leads into a time of personal reflection on how to grow in friendship with Christ.

Here are the Leaders' notes to be used in conjunction with the Friendship with Christ 5.19 MB presentation.

Slide 1
With this opening slide the theme of friendship with Christ can be explained.

Slide 2
This slide contains Pope Francis’ three questions to the young people gathered on Copacabana beach for the welcoming ceremony of WYD. It is suggested that these questions are posed to the youth group and a short time given for them to think about them.

Slide 3
This slide introduces St Josephine Bakita, an example of someone who responded positively to all the three questions that St Francis posed (she was a disciple of Christ, a friend of Christ and a witness to the Gospel).

Slide 4
This slide contains a summary of the life of St Josephine Bakita, as well as a link to a three-minute video about St Josepine. As this YouTube link may have a short advert before the film begins, it's advisable to have the page with this video ready to play (without the advert) beforehand. Click for further information about St Josephine Bakita.

Slide 5
This slide concludes the time of reflection on the life of St Josephine.

Slide 6
At this point, the young people are invited to think about whether there are any obstacles in their friendship with Christ. Depending on the group, this could simply be a moment of silence for personal reflection, or they may be invited to say a silent prayer for the resolving of these obstacles. This time of silence could be followed by a symbolic gesture such as each one lighting a candle or an appropriate hymn could be sung.

Slides 7,8,9
These slides contain a final exhortation from Pope Francis.

The session could then be concluded with a prayer said together or a hymn.


Both the 'Friendship with Christ' MS Powerpoint and the accompanying Leaders' notes can be downloaded using the link found at the top right hand corner of this page.


Friendship with Christ

friendship-with-christ.ppt 5.19 MB

A reflective powerpoint based upon the address of Pope Francis at the welcoming ceremony of WYD 2013 in Rio and the example of St. Josephine Bakhita.


Presentation - Leaders' notes

friendship-with-christ-presentation-activity.pdf 244.58 kB

Leaders' notes to accompany the 'Friendship with Christ' MS Powerpoint activity based upon Pope Francis' address at the welcoming ceremony of WYD 2013 in Rio and the example of St Josephine Bakhita.