Children's Liturgy

13/11/2013 3:45 pm

A boy enjoying Clifton's family day

Support Catholic Bible Sunday by using The Wednesday Word

The Wednesday Word for Primary Schools: a colour, double-sided Bible resource which creates a new, lively, weekly contact between the Church and families - particularly those parents and families who do not attend church regularly - by spreading the Sunday Gospel through Catholic primary schools into family homes each week. This is a creative way to share the Bible, to participate in the New Evangelisation, and to enhance the home, school and parish partnership.
The Wednesday Word for Parish Churches: a weekly scripture and prayer resource which is designed for distribution at Sunday Mass. Based in Lectio Divina (praying with the Bible), this version seeks to encourage a new weekly prayer custom for parishioners to help them prepare for weekend Mass and encourage them to pray for the families of our primary schools.
To find out more about The Wednesday Word, please visit:

Children's Resource: Wednesday Word 9.54 MB
A sample of The Wednesday Word: Sunday 8th December edition

Here you will find a Children’s Liturgy Session Plan, an Activity Sheet and a song for the Children's Liturgy called "God's Word".

Prepare the Way! (2012)

It is anticipated that the people who regularly lead these sessions will have a good idea as to what is likely to work with their particular group of children. These ideas are offered for leaders to adapt according to their own situations.

Prepare the way for Jesus! Make the paths straight and level...


You can download a song called "God's Word" for the Children's Liturgy from the top right-hand corner of this page.


Home Mission Desk
Advent Scripture-focussed resources from the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle
Living in the Promise - Suggestions for Advent
Materials for Deanery and Parish Days/Evenings of Reflection
Resources and materials can be downloaded from the diocesan website () or, if preferred, is available to diocesan parishes on a CD, and as printed copy - contact  Department for Spirituality

The resources for Catholic Bible Sunday 2013 were collated by the Bishops’ Conference Home Mission Desk


Children's Resource: Wednesday Word

Bible Sunday 2013 - Children\'s resource final - Wednesday Word.pdf 9.54 MB

A sample of The Wednesday Word: Sunday 8th December edition.


God's Word

A song for the Children's Liturgy called "God's Word" focusing on the Bible.   gods-word-childrens-liturgy.mp3 654.41 kB