Advent Calendar

13 December

13/12/2012 12:01 am

Prayers of thanks to God

He will be gracious to you when he hears your cry. Isaiah 30:19


The Lord is kind and full of compassion,
Slow to anger, abounding in love. Psalm 144:8


Psalm 144:1,9-13
Praise of God's grandeur

1I will give you glory, O God my King,
I will bless your name for ever.

9How good is the Lord to all,
compassionate to all his creatures.

10All your creatures shall thank you, O Lord,
and your friends shall repeat their blessing.
11They shall speak of the glory of your reign
and declare your might, O God,

12to make known to men your mighty deeds
and the glorious splendour of your reign.
13Yours is an everylasting kingdom;
your rule lasts from age to age.

© 'The Psalms', Grail Translation 2003 - CTS

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