Day for Life 2014

Day for Life is the day in the Church’s year dedicated to celebrating and upholding the dignity of human life. The Church teaches that life should be protected and nurtured from conception to natural death. This year's Day for Life in England and Wales falls on 27 July 2014. In this year’s message, the Bishops of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales would like to follow in the footsteps of Pope Francis and invite everyone to get involved in caring for, nurturing and protecting life at every stage and in every condition. To young people especially we want to say “#Livelife!” from its beginning to its natural end.

Protect and Cherish

2014 Message

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Pope Francis asks Catholics across Britain to protect and cherish life

In a special message to Catholics across Britain for the annual Day for Life, Pope Francis invites young Catholics in particular to work “to ensure adequate legal protection for the fundamental human right to life”. The Pope also asks British Catholics “to bring the merciful love of Christ as a life-giving balm to those troubling “new forms of poverty and vulnerability” increasingly evident in contemporary society (cf. Evangelii Gaudium 210).”

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